Terms & Conditions

At Bizarro's Haunt

Terms & Conditions

Since it's October it can get cold, chilly and wet. Please be sure to bring extra layers of clothes. The haunt is in a field so please bring appropriate footwear that is waterproof since the ground gets wet once night falls. Absolutely no heels or bare feet are allowed in any attraction.. Seriously, you're going to be scared, the last thing you want is to break a heel and sprain your ankle! 

We welcome guests to bring cameras & video recording devices (hey, it's free publicity) BUT we require all guests to not have any light source on them at any time while in the haunt (IE. Camera Flash, Phone Screens, Flashlights, etc.) Please post them on social media and tag us #BizarrosHaunt 

A NON SMOKING policy is in effect at Bizarro's Factory of Fear, there is a designated smoking area in the parking lot. The use of ANY open flame (including cigarettes, matches, lighters etc) outside of the designated smoking area is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and any guest caught doing so we be removed from property without refund and/or will be charged. 

Due to the nature of the event (you will get scared) NO WEAPONS are allowed on the haunt property. No firearms, knives, pepper spray, whips, handcuffs or frankly ANYTHING that could cause harm is allowed on property. Our security does regular walks through the parking lot looking into cars to ensure safety of all guests. Failure to comply to this rule will have you evacuated off property and charged at the highest criminal charge. 

We are all about having fun but please do NOT bring any alcohol, drug or substance onto the property. Please do not show up under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol substance. We all want to have fun including our actors and by participating in the attraction under influence you are bringing your safety and ultimately everyone else's safety at risk. Failure to comply to this policy will have you immediately evacuated off property and charged at the highest criminal charge. 

No animals are allowed on property. Seriously, it's a dark, scary place no animal deserves to experience it. 

To ensure safety, no costumes can be worn by guests. Our performers have been trained for safety, sure it's fun to dress up and act like you're part of the event but unfortunately it's not safe. You will be asked to leave. 

We know you mortals can get hungry and we encourage guests to purchase some awesome food from one of our vendors but we also welcome guests to bring their own food and drinks as long as they do not leave the car they've arrived in. Any outside food/drink waste and garbage must be taken home with you. We want the property to stay clean


By purchasing tickets and or visiting the attraction and or visiting the property you agree to the above and also agree that Bizarro's Haunt, Calvin C Cox and Company and all affiliated persons will not be held responsible for any injury or any loss/ damage to anyone, any personal property, belongings, vehicles. By purchasing tickets AND attending this event you and your guests agree to our rules, restrictions and legally consent to our waiver.
Bizarro's Haunt has the right to evict any guest of the grounds for any reason without refund, for the safety of all guests and staff by purchasing tickets and attending the attraction/event you agree and consent.

© 2020 The Factory of Fear & Bizarro's Haunt

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