We can bring the BOO to YOU!

Pop-Up Haunt

Are you a school, youth group, family festival or carnival? 

Let The Factory of Fear bring a wow factor to your event by providing a spooky, stand alone pop-up haunted attraction!

Built inside a 10ft by 10ft canopy tent this fun, small footprint attraction is packed with child & family friendly spooks! 

It's a guaranteed hit with the crowd! Offer it as free admission or let it fund-raise for you!

Created to charge $2.00/admission it's a price point all guests can justify while still helping you reach your fundraising goals!

Available for outdoor AND indoor use (ceiling height minimums required) and operates on 1 set of wall sockets (two U-Ground plugs) 

NO smoke or special effects are used to abide by local regulations!

Contact us today to discuss this opportunity!

Setup and take down is 2 hours each! We supply the staff too!

We'll bring our newest attraction to you!
Featuring life sized busts, prop replicas and so much more, we'll bring the nostalgia and fond memories of the horror genre to you!
We can turn any space into a custom hall of fame!
Run off 2 wall outlets and designed to work indoor and outdoor
Contact us today to find out more!

Contact us today to discuss your next event! We offer our services year round and can create custom discounted packages to truly bring the scares to you!

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