The Legend

The Factory of Fear has a dark history that will make even the bravest of humans question their visitation of the attraction.

The dark, eerie 64 acre property that the haunt is located on has a history of gangs, death, hauntings, and creatures of all sizes.

For almost a century the property has been used as an antique and flea market, there have been strange occurrences reported by vendors; radios turning on, shadows moving around the property, apparitions in mirrors. Perhaps it's from the graves of previous land owners buried throughout the property, perhaps the rumors are true about the hangings.

Whatever the reason, it's commonly reported that a sense of cold, dark emptiness is felt throughout the body when on the property! 


Get ready to scream!  

Will you chicken out?

There is a reason a whole high school canceled their field trip to The Factory of Fear! It's just that scary! Teachers feared it could cause to much "psychological trauma" to their students!

Local news reporter Phil Perkins from CHCH News didn't even get 5 steps into the haunt in broad daylight without chickening out! 

Guests report wetting and soiling themselves before even entering! 

Will you be our next X on the chicken list?

What We Do

Open on select dates and special seasons throughout the year, The Factory of Fear brings thrills, chills and entertainment to the general public AND charity!

* A portion of every ticket sold goes directly to local charities.*

With your attendance the haunt has also been able to adopt 10 acres of endangered rain forest to keep various species alive from deforestation, over 200 coffee and food giveaways to Toronto homeless, entertainment services donated to local charitable events and more!

Our performers are volunteers of all ages. We believe in giving teens the chance to learn new and important skills while earning their service hours for High School! Visit our Contact page to ask us how you can volunteer with us!

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